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A Printed Bar Wrapper Program
Built For Brands Like Yours.

The bar form factor is a perfect “on-the-go” snack. Its portability and portion size makes it a quick and easy way to get a boost of protein, supplemental vitamins, or just something to tide you over until your next meal.

It’s no wonder the bar market has exploded and continues to see emerging brands penetrate the market, while existing brands are demonstrating year-over-year growth in sales.

Wrap’N’Roll is built specifically for bar brands just like yours.

  • Preformed wrappers for easy hand filling
  • Custom printed, like what you see on the shelf
  • Roll stock for both small and large / scalable runs
  • SQF Level 2 food safety protocols
  • Low minimums, quick turns
  • Design services available
  • Download the bar wrapper template to get started

See Our Standard
Wrapper Size Pricing.

Custom Printed Wrappers
For Any Industry.

If you’re looking for the “on-the-shelf” look, but just getting started, no problem. Our wrappers come pre-formed for you to manually insert and heat seal.

Eye-catching designs using the full wrapper to build your brand message. Which is in line with what’s in the marketplace, building brand trust.

  • Increased sales: Custom printed bar wrappers are a great way to increase sales. Eye-catching designs using the full wrapper to build your brand message.
  • Enhanced customer experience: When customers open your bars, you’ll be in line with what’s in the marketplace. Building brand trust.
  • Easy to order, easy to fill:If you’re looking for the “on-the-shelf” look, but just getting started, no problem. Our wrappers come pre-formed for you to manually insert and heat seal.
  • Looking to scale up?: We can also offer roll stock for automated filling. This will offer optimum unit cost and quicker lead times. A packaging specialist will be able to connect directly with your co-packer or machine provider to ensure material runs properly.
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Protein Bars

The protein bar and nutraceutical market is an ever-growing space. To stand out, you’ll need a professional and cohesive visual identity. Our printed wrappers fit in perfectly on any retail shelf.

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Granola Bars

Granola bars are a convenient and healthy snack option. We can print several patterns to give your brand a rustic, outdoor feel. *Compostable options on the way.

icon for peanut butter energy balls pouch _packaging
Energy Balls

We can offer small zippered pouches, with high-barrier and grease resistance for products such as peanut butter energy balls. Custom bulk and single serve sizes available.

icon for keto bar wrapper_keto packaging
Keto Bars

Have a keto based bar brand but need a printed wrapper? No problem. Our high-barrier film works great to ensure your keto ingredients stay fresh.

icon for flexible packaging roll stock_roll packaging
Roll Stock

If you’re ready for automated filling, then flexible packaging roll stock is the answer. We will work with your co-packer / equipment provider to ensure your bars are running smoothly.

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POP Bar Cartons

Now that you have wrappers, you’ll need a display or shipping box. We have standard 6 and 12 pack POP cartons that come with custom printed headers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Protein Bar Wrappers

Our bar wrappers carry a 5,000 pcs minimum qty, with 2,000 minimum per SKU. Note: A 25% over/under run may occur.

For automated filling, we can do any size needed. For hand-filling we only have one standard size. This covers about 85% of the requests we get. As time goes on we will add more sizes and materials. Tip: Download our wrapper template PDF and print to full size. If it looks like a good match, request a sample kit to be sure. If it works, you’re in!

Yes you can! As long as you meet the following criteria:

  • Each design or SKU must be evenly divided with equal quantities. (example: 2 SKU’s of a 5,000 total order must be 2,500/2,500.)
  • The min per SKU is 2,000. (example: if you have 4 SKU’s then your MOQ would be 8,000 total…5 SKU’s, the MOQ would be 10,000, and so on.)

Click the link to download the price grids for the bar wrappers and display cartons. Note: Larger volume orders, for lower unit costs, are custom quoted. Reach out to a wrapper specialist for more info.